Monday, June 22, 2009

Your car is not a scrapbook

I am all about making memories and having pictures of your family. But honestly the back of your car is not the appropriate place to put these. Where I live every other car has one on the back.
  1. I don’t think stick figures actually play golf, tennis, or soccer. Nor do I care that you do. Basically all I care about is that you go fast in the fast lane.
  2. Why on earth would you put your kids names on those. I see many problems with this. “Hi, Jenny. Your mom Sheila asked me to pick you up. Your fish skipper is sick.” It’s a kidnappers dream.
  3. Why not just go ahead and put your address, on there. Eventually people are going to realize the family with the Mickey ears lives in the purple house on Ivy Street.
  4. What ever happened to my child is an honor student? Your child might be smart but my child has a polka dot dress.
  5. It’s a pride thing… I have 4 kids and you only have a cat…
  6. Your stick person looks better than you do.
Stay Ugly,


  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to take a baseball bat to said SUV's at stoplights. It actually pains me to see these. I think..."must suck to have no brain cells." Maybe they went to "The Kate Gosselin school of awesome Momminess"

  2. I saw one with the dad X'd out with tape. It was awesome.

    Oh, and I've been wondering if you guys have "real" blogs too. I want to know who you are!!

  3. Kristina...Yes we have real blogs, but we can not tell you who we are. If we did we would have to kill you and for your safety we choose not to disclose our identity. We are like the Batman and Robin of the blogger world. No super powers but great utility belts. :)

  4. Can I be Batman? I don't look good in green tights.

  5. i see these things on minivans everywhere and also think they're annoying. plus, minivans are ugly.

  6. hellz to the yes! my sil has the cards with them and their two cats! oy!

    ps hello!

  7. haha I find it hilarious where the older children has names and the baby is known as , "baby" or "squirt" lol

  8. Whoever invented these damn things should be ashamed of themselves.