Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gripes By Griz: Most Smartest People

My life is full of an exponential amount of geniuses. Try not to be too envious...really.

Gripe Victim:
My SIL (bitchzilla if you're nasty): who for one grueling semester of college (how she got in, I'll never know), referred to her 'Ethics' class as her 'Ethnics' class. I could have corrected her, but I really loved how proud she was of her C- in 'Ethnics'.

I hate that we're related.

End Gripe.

Stay Ugly you Sexy Beasts,


  1. Its shocking really that she only went to one semester of college.

  2. oh, she went to more semesters. She is what I call a 5 year freshman...because she's brilliant like that.

  3. Haha. This made me laugh. She sounds like a poor man's Jessica Simpson.

  4. ha!!!!! that kind of intelligence is so easy to come by. sadly.