Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This has got to end

I really don't understand what makes people think these photos are a good idea. Seriously, who wakes up one day and says "My stretch marks are soo beautiful, I must take a photo. While I am at it I will make my husband take his shirt off and join me".

What do people do with these pics? Make a coffee table book so all of their guests can enjoy them too? Better yet, get a 20 x 24 print and hang over their mantle. These poor children probably have them plastered all over their nursery. No wonder babies cry so much, I would cry too if I had to look at these everyday.

In case you have not been lucky enough to have your eyes raped with photos of this nature, I am going to share a couple of them. You can thank me later.
Who was the lucky person who had to wrap her in the sheet?I bet they wished they had called in sick that day.
For the love of all that is good and holy, keep it in the bedroom.
Yes, that is her bra you are seeing.
Is it just me or does her robe resemble lingerie? Check out the lace!
No words, I have no words.
Looks like their husbands "forgot" to take the day off. Good thing they have friends. This is one bonding experience I will NEVER have!

Please know that if you have these pics and your friends say that they are "tasteful", "beautiful", and "touching" its not true. Secretly your friend is trying to come up with a plan on how to end the friendship.

Stay Ugly,


  1. I have these pictures and I'm not even pregnant and never have been. Don't judge.

  2. Oh, and my friends LOVE looking at my pictures of my stretchmarks. I'm sure of it.

    Haha! My word verification is "brablues." It knows me like the back of my hand!

  3. Ok, I was fine up until the one of the three bellies. Now that one was truly just... ugh. I don't even know. lol. This was super funny.

  4. Not nice, even if you lost your right mind to pregnancy mind and took these - why share them? Seriously. Somethings should be kept private. Aye curumba.

  5. oh my god oh my god oh my god.

    It's fucking disgusting is what it is.

    Do I have belly shots? Yes. But I took them myself in the mirror and they are mine and private and not paid for and you can't see my stank ass preg bra and I didn't get stretch marks because if I did there is no WAY in hell I would have documented it. It's horrible.

    I hate seeing anyone's fat fucking gut. Baby or no baby in there.

    Yeah, you are pregnant. Just like 98% of every other girl in the whole wide world will be some day. Big deal. Do you take pictures of yourself eating? Sleeping? Driving to work? Because those are things that EVERYONE ELSE ON THE GD EARTH does from time to time too

  6. to wrap my head around it. seriously. stretch marks are so gross. and wow, the couple in the uni-loin-cloth is trying to make #2 before #1 has even come out! Take a cold shower for cryin out loud. I am not having kids. I will die as the cat lady....i swear .

  7. I could not agree more. It would be impossible to try and agree more because I agree so much with this post.

  8. Lee Beth... I have been busy with a few other things but I promise a post is coming. Tonight or tomorrow.