Monday, June 14, 2010

We're Baaaaaaaack!

I Know right? It's been a year, a lot has happened. Don't worry, no babies, no self exploration that made me have the self realization that bitching about others was not a good way to spend my leisurely please do not fret. The Bitch-be-back-in-tact...
What caused the hiatus? It's really none of your deal.
Let's get back to the drawing board...

In the hiatus I realized how much I loathe certain topics of discussion for future posts:
1. Lazy SAHM's (stay at home moms)
2. People who say things like, "It's cold in June, so much for Global Warming!"
3. Men who wear Ed Hardy
4. Passive aggressive things my mother in law says to me.
5. People who read the book, "Skinny Bitch" and then come to realize they are Buddhist...because not eating meat makes you Buddhist...who knew? (ps, I love me some Buddhists-just not the kind that read skinny bitch books)
6. All things BP (see a funny clip below)

Anywho, there are more things I hate...but for now enjoy we are back...
Stay Ugly,

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  1. I thought you guys closed shop and during a recent blog cleaning, I figured you for gone - glad you're back.